You Can Have it All!

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The #1 Itinerary

I recently read an article explaining how professionals in their 30’s and 40’s are choosing travel over marriage, children and owning a house. It was a very profound article that made me really think deeply. It stated that 70% of these professionals hold traveling the world as their top priority. While I didn’t see anything wrong with this, it made me wonder why can’t you travel the world, have a happy marriage, own a house and have children. What was being implied is that you can’t have it all and therefore you must choose one or the other. I beg to differ.

My entire life has always involved traveling. My father migrated to another country as well as my great-grandfather. Traveling is my family tradition. During my younger days as a teenager and college student, I loved traveling alone and having new experiences. However, the more I traveled and learned…

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