Stuttering in Mainstream Media – Blog 7: Memory Stuttering

Memory Stuttering, what is it? How is it caused? Is there a solution to this form of Stuttering?

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Today’s blog is going to be the seventh blog in the Stuttering in Mainstream Media series and is going to focus on Memory Stuttering. Memory Stuttering is a form of stuttering that I have made myself. When I first started this series I said that there were three official types of stuttering but memory stuttering is like a subform of these types.

Memory Stuttering is when a memory or past event causes you to stutter or helps you stop stuttering. Memory Stuttering can be a good or bad thing, dependent on how it affects you. There has been numerous instance where memory Stuttering has caused me to stutter more than usual but there have been times where it has helped me stop stuttering. What I tend to find is Memory Stuttering depends on your mood, mindset and environment.

The most recent time when memory Stuttering affected me was a couple of weeks back in my local pub. It was the reopening of the pub and it was a lot busier than it usually is there. The mum of one of my friends from school came in and started talking to me about my business and what I aim to do with it in the future. Usually, when I talk now I can control my stutter but for some reason, I was stuttering non stop speaking to her. It was only during the next day that I figured out why I was stuttering so much.

It seems like wh I was being bullied when I was younger it had more of an impact on me than I anticipated at the time. Although I have mostly gotten over the direct bullying, the indirect results still need to be resolved. The indirect result, as I call it, in this instance is that when I talk to some people from back home I feel like the younger version of myself. Now when I say the younger version of myself I mean the times when I was scared that I was going to be judged an/or bullied for whatever I was going to say.

This subconscious cycle seems to still exist in my head. That is the reason why I was stuttering so much speaking to friends mum. It’s not that she was ever mean to me, as she never was, it was that in my mind I was the young James scared of being judged and bullied for what I said. When I talk about me being scared and sad when I was younger I’m not saying that I felt like this all the time because I didn’t, it’s just the one example as to how Memory Stuttering can affect you. It is very hard to understand unless you know the whole story so if you feel a bit confused and want to know more then simply message me or comment below and I’ll try and explain it better. It is possible to resolve this Memory Stutter but it is something that I want to do a bit more thinking on before possibly doing a blog on it.

As I said at the start of the blog Memory Stuttering can affect you in both a positive and negative way. It can help you stop stuttering or it can make you stutter more. The example that I looked at briefly above, focused on the more negative side of Memory Stuttering so I think that it is only fair that we look at the more positive side now.

There are some cases when I am stuttering a lot when my usual stuttering solutions don’t work. It is at these times when I try and use Memory Stuttering to my advantage. If my usual solutions don’t work then I think back to a time when I was younger when I was either really happy or really relaxed. This helps calm me down and gives me time to think about what I say. these memories can vary from going down the beach with my family to playing my trombone in a concert. It doesn’t matter what the memory is, it is the effect that it has.

The memory that you pick obviously must bring some happy memory or relaxed thoughts back into your mind. You then take a minute or two to relax and calm down before trying to speak again. I find that when I try speaking again then, as I am much calmer and relaxed now, I stutter much less. It doesn’t always work but it does have a good track record on working well for me.

That is what I like to call Memory Stuttering! I understand that it is quite a confusing topic to understand but I find it very interesting. I found writing this blog quite hard so if you don’t understand something or all of it please get in touch with me and I can try and explain it differently. It is a weird topic to look at as it affects everyone differently if it has ever affected you let me know.

What do you all think of today’s blog? Has Memory Stuttering ever happened to you? How would you go about resolving memory Stuttering? Let me know your answers to these questions and any other thoughts you have about today’s blog in the comments or get in touch with me through the Facebook Page! One last thing the image used in today’s blog is not owned by me, all rights go the original creator.

Thank you all for reading and for all the support recently! The page is growing so fast and it is amazing. Let’s keep it going!

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