My Top 5 Stress Management Tips

Olivia Lucie Blake

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a very stress filled year which has had such an effect on us not only physically but mentally too. I call it Coronavirus stress. It got me thinking, can stress kill you? So naturally I googled it and apparently it can lead to some pretty shocking effects on the body. We often forget how powerful the mind really is on our bodies. I think Stress management should be one of our top priorities to maintain good mental health. There are tonnes of articles on stress management online but I thought I’d put together some of the tips I use myself to help reduce my coronavirus stress.

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Is It Your Fantasy Self Talking? — Mind. Beauty. Simplicity

A little below 30 degrees, wind & snow hitting my bare face as I look down the snowy mountain. Gripping my poles, I give myself a push & glide down effortlessly from side to side. I can barely see what’s in front of me. A white dusting is all that is visible. I close my […]

Is It Your Fantasy Self Talking? — Mind. Beauty. Simplicity

Top Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep — Musings of a Milettennial

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been sleeping much better. I used to toss and turn, sometimes for hours every night, and now I fall asleep within minutes of going to bed. So I thought it was worth taking note of all the things I’ve been doing differently these past two weeks, in case they […]

Top Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep — Musings of a Milettennial

Pause, Reflect, Create — Thee Heart of The Matter

pause /pôz/ verb 1. interrupt action or speech briefly. noun 1. a temporary stop in action or speech. When’s the last time you truly sat with yourself and took a deep breath in? When you allowed your natural body clock to awaken you without the aid of an alarm. When you rolled out of bed […]

Pause, Reflect, Create — Thee Heart of The Matter

Motivation Comes From Within — Pointless Overthinking

Have you ever really wanted to do something but just kept putting it off and off? Do you every wonder where our motivation really comes from? This blog answers those questions and so many more and is a great read that I would recommend to anyone!

I hope you enjoy it! let me know what you think!

“Wash out this tired notion that the best is yet to come.” – Dave Matthews I had to remind myself this week that motivation comes from within. It certainly does not come from the expensive, fancy bike I ordered and have been waiting for the past 7 weeks. It was supposed to be delivered next […]

Motivation Comes From Within — Pointless Overthinking

What Makes a Good Story? — kwilliamsbooks

I need your help. Whether it’s in print, a movie, a letter, a comic, or any one of our lives, a good story in each requires a few of the same things. I’ve got a small list, but I want you to add to it in the comments, on LinkedIn, Facebook, or wherever you’re seeing this: What, to you, makes a good story?

What Makes a Good Story? — kwilliamsbooks

Lockdown lessons we all need to learn — theAnxiousAuthor

Today I’m going down a road much-travelled. It’s something we all want to escape from but can’t. Trust me when I say that this is not a post about the awful state of the world. I hope this makes my readers feel hopeful, even positive about all that’s going on. We need more positivity! […]

Lockdown lessons we all need to learn — theAnxiousAuthor

Mindset Vs Covid — Wake up, Rise up, Conquer

Covid-19 came in like a lion no doubt about it. Not soon after the start of this covid battle, we realized pretty quickly that this wasn’t only an attack on our physical bodies but an attack on every single area of our lives. To help stop the spread and ‘flatten the curve’, we started practicing […]

Mindset Vs Covid — Wake up, Rise up, Conquer

Ways to be a better creative writer — ficklesorts

How to be a better writer? It’s a question I get asked often, though I do not want to convey that I am a seasoned writer holding serious expertise in the field. I have done a reasonable amount of professional content writing for over four years now, but one can never be sure of being […]

Ways to be a better creative writer — ficklesorts

Why we should embrace boredom — Musings of a Milettennial

Our generation has an obsession with doing as much as possible, all the time. It’s like the more busy and stressed out you are, the more you’re “winning” at life. This coronavirus quarantine has got me thinking about the flaws with this way of thinking, why we should change it, and also how we can […]

Why we should embrace boredom — Musings of a Milettennial