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Welcome to Sweeney’s Blogs!

I am James Sweeney, a student at Reading University and I am originally from Wales. This page has been designed to help me talk about problems that everybody faces but are sometimes brushed under the carpet. I like to take topics that are usually not spoken about and add my own unique twist to them.

The main topics that I am going to be talking about on my blogs are Stuttering, Stress Management and Mental Health. I am going to be focusing on these topics as I believe that I can mix factual information alongside the personal experience that I have had. I believe that shining a light on sensitive subjects will allow me to provide an insight into what it is like to live with certain illnesses, how to handle stress and how to find different techniques to overcome problems.

The schedule for blogs currently is 1/2 blogs a week depending on my workload and the length of the blogs that are being published. If there are going to be 2 blogs in one week then there will be one at the start and one at the end. I will be launching different series which will have a new blog added once a week to it.

Guest Blogs are something that I highly encourage for my page. If anyone has any ideas for blogs that they want to write then I am more than happy to publish the blog and give you full credit. If people have ideas are and are unsure about how to write them or do not directly want to write them then I am more than happy to provide advice on how to write the blog, write the blog with you or write the blog myself and give you the credit for the idea.

If any has any questions about me or any of the blogs that I write please message me. You can do this via accessing the Facebook page Sweeney’s Blogs, emailing SweeneysBlogs@outlook.com or using the Contact Form on the next page.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the blogs!

James Sweeney

The steps you take don’t need to be big, they just need to take you in the right direction – Jemma Simmons, AoS