The Blogapedia page is going to act as a hub for all of the blog series that I do. I will be making a list of each blog series, in alphabetic order, with a link to each blog in the series. If anyone wants to see any changes to this page please let me know through the Facebook page or through the contact form under the contact tab!

Alzheimer’s Acceptance

The Alzheimer’s Acceptance series is designed to discuss different ways and approaches surrounding around accepting that somebody you know has Alzheimer’s disease. the series mixes blogs and a personal story to help diasplay the message that even though accepting someone has Azlheimer’s may be difficult, it is an essential step on the road to supporting the person suffering.

Alzheimer’s Avoidance

The Alzheimer’s Avoidance series is designed to discuss different methods and techniques to help reduce your chnace of getting Alzheimer’s/Dementia. In the series we talk about how doing things such as listening to music, solving puzzle games and doing regular exercise can dramatically lower your chances of getting Alzheimer’s.

Being Different

The Being Different series is all about talking about how difference is a good thing and is something that people should be proud of being, not shamed or embarrassed. This is the second series that was published on the page and is one that I often like to go back to have another read of. Let me know what you think of it!

Looking into Male Mental Health

Stuttering in Mainstream Media

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