Alzheimer's Acceptance

Alzheimer’s Acceptance

The Alzheimer’s Acceptance series is tailored to discuss the different techniques and approaches, used by many, surrounding around accepting that somebody you know has Alzheimer’s disease. The series contains both blogs and a personal story to help portray the message that even though accepting and understanding Alzheimer’s may be a very difficult task to undertake, they are crucial to do on the road to helping the person who is suffering with the horrible disease.

Blog 1: The Introduction

This blog is the introductory blog to the series. In the blog we break down what I hope to cover in the series as well as the importance of breaking a problem down into smaller bits!


Blog 2: The Terms Accept/Acceptance

What is accepting? How do we accept Alzheimer’s in our life? This blog takes a look at how accepting Alzheimer’s can make such a difference on our lives and how we live!


Blog 3: Personal Alzheimer’s Story

This blog is all about a story that I wrote about the first time that my grandmother forgot who I was. it is quite an emotional story for me but really shows how hard Alzheimer’s can be on a person.


Blog 4: Personal Experience

This blog is all about my personal experience with Alzheimer’s. It is quite an emotional blog in my opinion which carried through some powerful messages.


Blog 5: Series Conclusion

This blog is the last blog in the series and acts as a summary blog, going through everything we have covered in the series and the lessons that we have learned.


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