Alzheimer’s Acceptance – Blog 1 -Introduction

Hello all,

This is going to be the first blog in my new Alzheimer’s Acceptance series. This blog is going to act as an introduction into the series of blogs that will be released in the upcoming weeks regarding this topic.

Acceptance. A single word with hundreds of meanings and hundreds of obstacles. To accept a new reality or a new set of obstacles are things people face in day to day life. This series of blogs is going to focus on the different variables and facts you need to acknowledge and accept in relation to Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s is a very complex and interesting topic that can really be confusing to get your head around. People try to tackle it as one subject and one milestone which has ill-advised effects on both our Mental Health as well as our Physical Health. To even try and understand an illness such as Alzheimer’s as just one entity can ultimately make acceptance next to impossible. To truly acknowledge and accept what is going on in someone’s head and how to cope with it you need to break the condition down into smaller more manageable milestones.

By splitting the problem into smaller manageable milestones, you allow yourself to increase your understanding on a step by step basis, slowly learning and accepting each point as appropriate. This helps your mind make sense of what is going on and allows you to think rationally about the right steps that you need to take. Breaking down the problem eases the pressure on both you and the person suffering. You can slowly understand different bits gradually, instead of having to do it all at once.

Thank you for reading todays blog! I feel like I am really going to enoy writing this series as I am going to be able to link my own personal expereince in with the topic. If anyone has any feedbcak on this blog or any other blogs that I ahve done please contact me! If anyone has any suggestions for blogs they want to see or feedback they eant to give then please do not hesistate to get in touch!

Thanks as always,

James Sweeney

Learn to Walk before you can Run 

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