Stuttering in Mainstream Media

Stuttering in Mainstream Media

The Stuttering in Mainstream Media series is made to take a look at what we mean by the term Stutter and it’s affect on peoples lives. The series takes a look at factors that can influence a Stutter, the affect it has had on my life, different theories I have made surrounding Stuttering and famous peoples stories such as Bruce Willis and James Earl Jones, and how a stutter has impacted their life and career!

Blog 1: The Introduction

This blog acts as an introduction to the series, discussing what I hope to cover throughout the series.


Blog 2: Does age and gender affect having a stutter?

This blog talks about if your age or gender are factors as to whether or not you will get a stutter and how you can get past it


Blog 3: Stutterspirations

This blog discusses what the term stutterspirations is and talks through some people who i think are a stutterspiration.


Blog 4: Being Picked on by a Teacher

This blog is all about a time when I got picked on by a teacher for having a stutter.


Blog 5: The Printer Theory

This blog takes a look at The Printer Theory, a theory I created, and how it relates to Stuttering and people who stutter/stammer


Blog 6: James Earl Jones

This blog is all about James Earl Jones, how his stutter has affected him in life and how he has learned to manage his stutter


Blog 7: Stuttering as a Lifeguard & Swimming Teacher

This blog discusses how having a stutter affected my jobs as both a Lifeguard and Swimming Teacher


Blog 8: Musharaf Asghar’s Story

This blog takes a look at Musharaf Ashgar and his story that was presented on the show Educating Yorkshire and the reaction his story had on the show Gogglebox


Blog 9: The Do’s and Don’t of Stuttering

This blog provides some very useful Do’s and Don’ts for how to talk to and help someone with a stutter


Blog 10: Bruce Willis’s Story

This blog is all about Bruce Willis, his stutter and how he manages it in day to day life and in his acting career!


Blog 11: Series Summary

This blog is a recap of the series covering some of the main points we made throughout the whole series!


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