Stuttering in Mainstream Media

Stuttering in Mainstream Media

The Stuttering in Mainstream Media series is designed to take a look at exactly what a Stutter is and how it is portrayed in Mainstream Media. In the series we take a look at different definitions of a Stutter, we look at the factors which influence a Stutter and take a look at a few famous people who have Stutters which you may not have noticed before! it was a very insightful and interesting series for me to write and is one that i also hope to bring back at some point in the future.

Blog 1: The Introduction

This blog acts as an introduction to the series, discussing what I hope to cover throughout the series.


Blog 2: Does age and gender affect having a stutter?

This blog talks about if your age or gender are factors as to whether or not you will get a stutter and how you can get past it


Blog 3: Stutterspirations

This blog discusses what the term stutterspirations is and talks through some people who i think are a stutterspiration.


Blog 4: Being Picked on by a Teacher

This blog is all about a time when I got picked on by a teacher for having a stutter.


Blog 5: The Printer Theory

This blog takes a look at The Printer Theory, a theory I created, and how it relates to Stuttering and people who stutter/stammer


Blog 6: James Earl Jones

This blog is all about James Earl Jones, how his stutter has affected him in life and how he has learned to manage his stutter


Blog 7: Stuttering as a Lifeguard & Swimming Teacher

This blog discusses how having a stutter affected my jobs as both a Lifeguard and Swimming Teacher


Blog 8: Musharaf Asghar’s Story

This blog takes at Musharaf Ashgar and his story that was presented on the show Educating Yorkshire and the reaction his story had on the show Gogglebox


Blog 9: The Do’s and Don’t of Stuttering

This blog provides some very useful Do’s and Don’ts for how to talk to and help someone with a stutter


Blog 10: Bruce Willis’s Story

This blog is all about Bruce Willis, his stutter and how he manages it in day to day life and in his acting career!


Blog 11: Series Summary

This blog is a recap of the series covering some of the main points we made throughout the whole series!


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