Grianan of Aileach

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A couple of weeks ago, I was on holiday in Donegal over in Ireland, and I got to visit the Grianan of Aileach – which I am going to be talking about in today’s blog for you all 🙂

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Towards the end of July, me & my family headed over to Donegal in Ireland for our family holiday. Donegal means a lot to us Sweeneys as it’s where my grandfather originally comes from 🙂

Grianan of Aileach

Towards the middle of our break away, we got the chance to go & visit the Grianan of Aileach, which I was really looking forward to. Anybody who knows me knows that I absolutely love mythology, so to be able to see a monument of Irish mythology in real-life was super cool.

In Irish Mythology, the ringfort is believed to have been built by the Dagda, who was a part of the Irish gods called the Tuatha Dé Danaan. The Dagda is a god who is commonly associated with fertility, agriculture, strength, magic & so much more – he plays a key role in the stories of the Irish myths.

The fort was built around the grave of Aedh, the son of the Dagda, who was sadly killed through jealousy by Corrgenn, a Connacht Chieftain as a celebration & eternal memory of his son’s life.

The Grianan of Aileach is found in an idyllic location, and the views you can get from the top of the fort are totally out of this world!

You can’t beat a good Sweeney day out after all!!

That’s all for today’s blog, what do you think? How’s your week ahead looking? Would you like to see more mythology-focused posts up on the page?

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Thanks for reading & I hope that you have a lovely day!

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