Short Poem on Seasons

Hello and Welcome to Sweeney’s Blogs!

Today’s blog is a poem that I have written about the four seasons. It is only a small poem but I wanted to keep it simple as I am only recently getting back into writing poems and other forms of literature.

Here it is  and I hope you enjoy:

The year starts off with a cold winter full of snow,
Which makes you sit inside watching your favourite tv show.
Hot water from the kettle is constantly on the flow,
As you sit inside waiting for the cold weather to go.

Next, we move into Spring where the plants do flower,
Where we always have to expect a short April shower,
As the trees new branches grow in strength and in power,
They look over their new horizons standing tall with posture and power.

Summertime is next with blue sky and sun,
Everyone can relax as their summer break has begun,
Parties and festivals are thrown for people to have fun,
Then they can go and get soaked with a big water gun.

Autumn is next bringing Thanksgiving and Halloween,
Where people can dress up like a king or a queen,
Leaves on trees start to turn brown from their original green,
Then they fall to the ground creating a classic autumn scene.

Thank you for reading today’s blog! What do you all think? Do you want to see more poems on the page? Which season is your favourite and why? If you could change a line in the poem what would you change and why?



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