Tokyo 2020 – What an Olympics!!

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games came to an end, with the closing ceremony yesterday, and what an Olympic Games they turned out to be!!

We saw athletes from all over the world showing us exactly why they are at the very top of their respective fields. Whether you are a fan of Athletics, Boxing, Skateboarding, Swimming or any of the other events, Tokyo 2020 did not disappoint in the slightest! So, let’s help bring Tokyo 2020/2021 to a close in today’s blog!

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Watching the Tokyo Games over the last 2 and a half weeks has just been absolutely fantastic. We’ve seen countries from all across the globe come together & put on an incredible performance across so many events. Team GB did absolutely phenomenal in the games, winning 65 medals overall, 22 of which were Olympic Gold medals, 21 Silver Medals & 22 Bronze Medals – what an achievement!!

If you would like to see Team GB’s Olympic Highlights, be sure to check out the video below:

We have seen so many top tier athletes perform in Tokyo, it has been crazy. Whether it was watching Armand Duplantis win Gold for Sweden in the Men’s Pole Vault, 13-year-old Skateboarder Momiji Nishiya win Gold for Japan in the Women’s Street Skateboarding or Tom Daley & Matty Lee taking Gold in the Men’s Synchronised 10m Platform Diving for Team GB, these games have gone down in history.

As we are talking about history, let’s not forget Elaine Thompson-Herah who managed to get a double-double this year, winning Gold in the Women’s 100m & 200m in both Rio & Tokyo, what an athlete!! Be sure to check out her sprint here:

I could honestly spend hours talking through each of the amazing athletes this year at Tokyo. Personally, I especially love watching Athletics, Swimming, Diving & Gymnastics, but this year, I found myself watching some Taekwondo, Volleyball & Badminton, which were all great watches too!

The past year & a half has been insanely difficult for so many people across the world, with the COVID-19 pandemic & subsequent lockdowns causing enormous waves of disruption to how we live our lives. What I think made the Tokyo 2020 that much more special is that they were a series of positive events that we could root for, something we could look forward to watching, look forward to enjoying.

Tokyo 2020, you have been a blast, I cannot wait for the Paris Olympics in 2024 now!!!

Thank you all for reading today’s blog, what do you think? Did you watch any of the Olympics this year? What was your favourite event? Are you looking forward to Paris 2024? Which Olympians are you looking forward to seeing return in the next games?

Be sure to let me know your answers & thoughts to the above questions, either in the comment section below or through our Facebook page!

Thanks for reading & I hope you have a fantastic day!

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