Sweeney’s Stuttering Update – March 2022

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope you’re all enjoying the lovely weather & are having a fantastic day!

Today’s blog is my Sweeney’s Stuttering Update for March 2022!! I like to do these posts as a check-in on my journey to speech fluency, so without further ado, let’s see what today’s has in store πŸ™‚

Hello & Welcome to Sweeney’s Blogs!

The warmer weather is here at long last, and with that, a massive mood booster to everybody’s days. The hotter weather usually works really well for Stutterers, as people are usually a lot more positive and relaxed when the sun comes out. It’s been so nice seeing smiles on everybody’s faces lately, and I’m hoping that this brighter mood is going to carry on for the foreseeable future.

Photo by Bhupendra Singh on Pexels.com

The last couple of weeks for me have also been that most dreadful time of year for a university student – deadline season. As many of you will know, I am currently in my final year studying at the University of Reading, so this year’s deadline season has been a pretty hectic one. We are luckily past a lot of the deadlines now, but the last few weeks have been rather chaotic, to say the least!

Yesterday was a pretty intense day for me when it came to submitting my assignments, and I did feel the extra pressure a little bit on my speech. Although I was a little shaky, I managed to get through it, and I’m proud that I could handle my speech as well as I did. These last few weeks have shown me that my Stuttering journey has really helped transform my mindset, and has got me thinking in a much more positive mood surrounding my talking.

Photo by Andre Furtado on Pexels.com

I’m going to have a little bit of free time from uni over the next couple of weeks, so I am hoping that this rest is going to help me switch off and feel a lot more relaxed. I think some time off is just what I need after these last few weeks, and I think that it can work wonders for my speech.

The warmer weather has also meant that a lot more people are outside, which has given me the perfect opportunity to practice speaking a lot more than I can when it’s cold and wet. All in all, if this carries on, then I reckon this summer is going to be brilliant πŸ™‚

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The road to speech fluency has really started to make some good progress over this past year, I couldn’t be happier with how it’s all coming together. If it carries on going this way, then I’ll be back to more or less fluent speech before we know it!

That’s all for today’s Sweeney’s Stuttering Update, what do you think? Do you enjoy seeing these update posts? What sort of blogs would you like to see me write on the page?

Be sure to let me know your thoughts & answers to the above questions, either in the comments below or through our Facebook page!

Thank you all for reading & I hope you have a lovely day!

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