Blog Donations: What are they and How do I do it?

Hello and Welcome to Sweeney’s Blogs!

Today’s Blog is going to talk about the new payment/donation option found on my blog. I have added this feature in to try and earn some more money to reinvest into the business. I am first going to be talking about what the money that the donations collected will go towards and then I will be going into how to actually donate.

Any donations collected from the new feature will be reinvested into the business. This can be through things like marketing for the website, upgrading the content on the website or for creating events hosted by the business. All of the money collected will be used for business use and business use only.

In regard to how to donate. There is now a button on the sidebar of every page of my site. This button is the donation button. The donation amount is automatically set to £1. If you want to donate anything more than one pound then you can change the quantity. The quantity relates to how many pounds you will be donating. If you select a quantity of 5 then you will be donating £5 and so on.

The money goes through a PayPal account, you will need an existing PayPal account to donate or you can create an account in a few minutes. I have decided to use PayPal as it is one of the most secure ways to transfer money online.

Thanks for reading today’s blog! I know this blog was very different to what I usually do but I thought it would be important to talk about the new feature on the blog! Let me know what you all think!


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