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Hello and Welcome to Sweeney’s Blogs!

Today’s blog is going to talk about Guest blogs as well as a few updates coming to the page. There have not been any guest blogs on my page yet but I am hoping to start publishing a few in the future. Guest blogs allow people other than myself the chance to post content on my page. Guest blogs are something that I am trying to encourage more now and I hope to see a few in the upcoming weeks.

There are lots of different ways that a guest blog can work. The first way is if get in touch with me about an idea for a blog that you want to see in the future. If you just want to give me the idea and then allow me to write the blog around that then you will be credited in the blog itself and I will do my best to work around the idea that has been presented.

Another way that guest blogs can work is if you write the blog by yourself and then send it to me. If people choose to do this way then I will just scan through the blog quickly to see if it is alright then will publish it as soon as I can. When scanning through the blog I will aim not to change anything, however, if there is a part that doesn’t look right or if it could be reworded a bit then I would get in touch with you and discuss that first.

I am also more than happy to sit down and work on writing a blog alongside someone if they have an idea and are not quite sure how to write it. This can be done in a number of ways. We could discuss the idea in depth and then develop a plan for you to write the blog off, you could make a plan and I could write the blog or we could just write the blog step by step ensuring that we are both happy at the end of each stage.

As you can see from some of the ideas above there are lots of ways that a guest blog can be written. If anyone does have an idea for a blog then please get in touch with me. You will be given credit for your work and if you want to could become a regular writer on the page.

During the past few weeks, I have been working on updating the sidebar for the page. I have reorganised the way that the sections are presented into an order that I think is good. There is a way for me to install a chat room like function for the page that will allow everyone to communicate with each other like they are in a chatroom. I wasn’t sure whether to add this function in yet or wait for a better time in the future. What does everyone think? Should I include the chatroom now or wait a little bit?

As well as this there will be some changes to the series that I write on the page soon. I will be pausing the Male Mental Health series after one or two more blogs and then starting up a new series talking about Stuttering in Mainstream Media. I want the Male Mental Health blogs to stay fresh and to have a real meaning behind them which is why I am putting the series on hold for a little while. I do not want to just write blogs for the sake of it as the blogs have to have a purpose and have to have a meaning behind them or else there is no point in even writing them.

I will probably be starting the Stuttering in Mainstream Media series in around two to three weeks, dependent on when the Male Mental Health series finishes. I am not sure on the length of the series yet as there are a lot of different things that I can talk about so we can discuss that in the future when the series is well underway.

I believe that is all I want to talk about in today’s blog! Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Today’s blog was a bit different from my usual work but I do aim to do update blogs every so often. I am thinking of launching a new advertising campaign for the site too but am not quite sure how to do it. Let me know what type of advertising you think is best!

Thank you all for reading,

Sweeney’s Blogs

Any money donated here will be put back into the business. This can be through marketing campaigns, upgrades to plans or for setting up future events!


James Sweeney

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