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Today’s blog is going to act as an update blog focused around the future of different series on this page. I think that it is good to present a few of the ideas I have now and see if anyone wants them to become a series in the future or not. The ideas listed in this blog are not all of my ideas merely some of them but if you have an idea yourself for a series then please get in touch and we’ll discuss it further!

I have had one or two questions lately regarding the Looking Into Male Mental Health series. I do have every intention to bring the series back, I just need a bit of time to plan where the series was going. the last thing that I want to do is rush the blogs as that takes the care and sentiment away from them. As to when the series will come back, I am not 100% sure yet. I might bring the series back after the Stuttering in Mainstream Media series or maybe at a later date. When the series comes back is down to a few factors. If people really want to see the series return then it will come back sooner, if the Stuttering in Mainstream Media series does not go down very well then it’ll come back sooner and if I get a lot of messages regarding the series then I will bring it back sooner!

One series that I’ve wanted to do for a while is Into the Mind of a Bully. I feel like it would be quite a good series to run as it will encompass both personal experiences alongside factual evidence. The series will start off by talking about the most common reasons for bullying then will take a deeper look into it. I have had a lot of experience in regards to being bullied in my life so I think that I can portray a very real story.

brown brain

Another potential series that I can run is one based off of Respect. Respect is a topic that is often refrained from talking about by most people but I think it could make quite a good series. We can take a look at the modern world and see what respect is nowadays and if there is still a divide between different social groups. I feel like this series can have a lot of different contrasting views and will make for some good discussions in the comments.

A sadder more emotional series that I could run would be called Watching them Fade Away. This series will look at the progression of Alzheimer’s and Dementia and how you are watching a loved one slowly fade away from in front of your very eyes. As mentioned previously it would be a sadder series but I feel like it would be a very informative one and will help deliver a strong message.

I am also thinking about possibly running a few series based off of University Students. There are quite a few series I could run off this topic such as student burnout and what university is actually like for a student. I believe these series will be good to take a look into student life and to show people that it is not always as easy as some people assume. This series will be quite fun to write as it will allow me to perform self-evaluation whilst writing it.

group of fresh graduates students throwing their academic hat in the air

The last series that I want to talk about in today’s blog is all about the Self Hate Cycle. I have talked about the Self Hate Cycle in a previous blog in my Looking into Male Mental Health series but feel like it would be an excellent topic to write a series on. As discussed in the blog, https://sweeneysblog.com/2019/06/11/looking-into-male-mental-health-blog-9-personal-experience-2/, the self-hate cycle is quite dark and bleak however there are ways to break out of it. I believe that if I were to run a series on it then I could balance out some of the negatives with the positives and show that if you are in this cycle there is always a way out, no matter how hard and long it may seem.

Thank you for reading today’s blog! What series would you like to see in the future? Are there any series that you want to see return? Are there any series that you are not a fan of and don’t want me to write? Do you have any ideas that you think would make a good series or even an individual blog? Let me know what you think of the blog and your answer to the questions in the comments below!

Thank you all for reading and I hope you have a great weekend! Remeber keep Highlighting the I in Difference!

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