Ideas for Lockdown – Blog 4: Have a Cinema Day?

Everyone always loves watching films but it is something that we all struggle to find time for in our day to day lives. With the lockdown affecting the whole nation, why not use the extra time to watch those films you have been wanting to see for a while? Could even have a whole day dedicated to it if you want! The is what we will be talking about in today’s Ideas for Lockdown blog!

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Today is the fourth blog in the Ideas for Lockdown series and is all about watching films and having a Cinema day/night! Watching a film/movie is a thing that everybody loves to do from time to time. There are millions and millions of different films out there to choose from so why not make the most of it? With the extra time that we have now due to the lockdown, why not have a film day or a movie night? Or even both?

If you’re unsure about what film to watch, the choice is completely up to you! You can watch any film you want too. Whether you are a fan of horror films or comedies, there’s always tonnes of options available out there for you!

If you do not have many DVDs or downloaded films, why not use one of the streaming services? Netflix and Amazon Prime both have a large library full of different films available to watch after a few clicks! With the release of Disney Plus too all Marvel and Disney films are available on one platform and you even get a week to watch them all for free!

Whether you are watching The Lion King or The Wizard of Oz, make the most of the time! Grab some popcorn and a drink and relax and unwind. Could even make it a part of your daily routine. Doing all your usual tasks during the day and then gather round to watch a film and relax in the evening? Whatever you decide to do I hope you enjoy the films/movies!

That’s all I want to talk about in today’s blog! I am going to be going back to posting 3 blogs a week this week instead of the blog a day that I have been doing recently as well, more details about this can be found on yesterday’s blog. The Ideas for Lockdown blog that was originally planned for Wednesday has been moved to new Wednesday now as well. Saturday’s blog will now be about lockdown lessons that we all can learn!

What do you think of today’s blog? Do you enjoy watching movies? Are you going to start having a film night during Lockdown? What are you doing to keep busy during Lockdown? Let me know your answers to the questions above and any other questions or comments you have either in the comments or via our Facebook page!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day,

Sweeney’s Blogs

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