Feel Your Feelings

Be Inspired..!!

We, as humans, seek safety. We yearn for security. Our same-old, same-old routine frequently becomes our safety and comfort. It may appear easier at times to operate on autopilot, with no awareness of our internal experience. It’s natural and adaptive to want to avoid things that make us uncomfortable. After all, who wants to work harder just to experience unpleasant feelings?

But you should. We are not robots, people (as much as during the painful times, it might seem appealing to be one). The price of not feeling is too high to ignore. It’s never too late to decide you’re ready to listen in! If emotional avoidance resonates with you, see if you can approach it with curiosity and non-judgment. This newfound awareness gives you an excellent opportunity to create something new and to transition into a more fulfilling way of being!

Here’s are few ways that can help you…

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