What do we mean by Success Series!

The “What do we mean by Success?” series that I started running on the page a few weeks back has quickly become one of my pages, most successful series! I have really enjoyed writing the posts for it and they all seem to go down really well so I have decided to give the series it’s own page! That’s what we’ll be talking about in today’s blog!

Hello and Welcome to Sweeney’s Blogs!

Today’s blog is all about the new page that I have created for the “What do we mean by Success?” series that I write on the page! I started creating new pages for Sweeney’s Blogs when I revamped our Blogapedia page and as this series was doing so well I thought why not give it its own page too!

If you are new to the page, or are unfamiliar with the Blogapedia page, let me fill you in on what it does. The Blogapedia page can be found, either by clicking the link below or by hovering over the blogs drop down list and selecting Blogapedia.

The Blogapedia page acts as a hub for all of the series that I have written/ or am still writing for the page. The page has a link to each of the series’s pages, as well as a short description about what the series is all about and much much more! If you haven’t checked the page out yet, go and take a look! It’s a great page!

Bloagpedia: https://sweeneysblog.com/blogapedia/

If you want to check out the “What do we mean by Success?” page, you can do so through the link below!

“What do we mean by Success?” page: https://sweeneysblog.com/what-do-we-mean-by-success/

So, what is the “What do we mean by Success?” series?

The “What do we mean by Success?” series is an assortment of blogs all themed around the topic of Success. Success is an entity that carries a different meaning from one person, to the next. It is a small word which has a much deeper definition and is one that helps shape society and the world that we live in today.

The series delves deep into some of the factors that people use to determine success and if it is fair to base success simply on a persons Qualifications, or their job, for instance. I designed the blogs to ask a lot of questions to make you stop for a second and think. The blogs can open up some quite interesting debates for people to have as their answers can change, based on perspective and experiences.

When it comes to what Success means to you, there is no right or wrong answer. The series is designed to make you think deeply and really find what it means to you. One thing that I find is people often undervalue their own successes in life and think of themselves as unsuccessful, when in reality it is the complete opposite!

If you are interested, be sure to check out our new page! I really enjoyed making it and bringing all of the blogs that I have written, so far, in the series together in one place! Let me know what you think of the series? Is there anything else you would like me to cover in it? Are there any other topics you would like to see me talk about in general? Let me know and I will see what I can do! There’s an exciting blog coming in this series next week!

Thank you all for reading today’s blog and I hope you have a great day!

Sweeney’s Blogs

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James Sweeney

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