Ideas for Lockdown Series!

The “Ideas for Lockdown” series has been growing rapidly since I started the series back in April 2020, and now has got 12 different blogs, each blog covering a new idea for people to do during the Lockdown that we are all facing! As the series has been growing so fast, I decided to give it its own page, and that is what today’s blog is all about!

Hello and Welcome to Sweeney’s Blogs!

Today’s blog is all about the new page that I have created for the “Ideas for Lockdown” series that is currently on the page! I started creating new pages for Sweeney’s Blogs a few weeks back, when I was updating the Blogapedia page and I thought, as I am doing every other series, why not this one? So that’s what I did!

If you are new to the page, or are unfamiliar with the Blogapedia page, let me fill you in on what it does. The Blogapedia page can be found, either by clicking the link below or by hovering over the blogs drop down list and selecting Blogapedia. Alternatively, you can find the page by hovering over the Blogapedia drop down list, under the Blogs drop down and then selecting the “Ideas for Lockdwon” page there!

The Blogapedia page acts as a hub for all of the series that I have written/ or am still writing for the page. The page has a link to each of the series’s pages, as well as a short description about what the series is all about and much much more! If you haven’t checked the page out yet, go and take a look! It’s a great page!


If you want to check out the “Ideas for Lockdown” page, you can do so through the link below!

“Ideas for Lockdown” page:

So, what is the “Ideas for Lockdown” series?

Listening to Podcasts?

The “Ideas for Lockdown” series was designed to provide reader with different activities and things that they can do during the lockdown that we are currently facing. Despite being tailored to the current lockdown, these activities can be done whenever you have some free time on your hands, they are not “lockdown specific” per say.

The activities that we talk about in the series vary from tracing your Family Tree, to Learning a new Language, Having a Movie Night and much much more! I will still be writing new blogs for this series in the next few weeks so if there are any activities or things that you would like me to cover, please do let me know!

The goal of the series is to provide people with things that they can do either by themselves r with others, with the extra time that they now have on their hands. I try and cater for everyone in the series, by doing a vast range of different hobbies and things to do but if you think I am missing something, let me know and I will do my best to add it!

That’s all I want to talk about in today’s blog! What do you all think? Have you read any of the Ideas for Lockdown series? Are you going to start now? Are there any topics that you want me to cover outside of this series? Let me know your thoughts to the above questions, as well as any other questions you may have, in the comments below or via our Facebook page and I will respond to you as soon as possible!

Thank you all for reading and I hope you have a great day!

Sweeney’s Blogs

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James Sweeney

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