How To Kick Start a Minimalist Lifestyle

Are you interested in finding out how to kick-start a minimalist lifestyle? Do you want to find out how to declutter your house? Do you need to rethink your approach to buying new things, or maybe how you see empty space? Then today’s guest blog, by the amazing “Mind. Beauty. Simplicity“, is the blog for you!

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They don’t call it a minimalist journey for nothing. It’s a gradual process that is always being tweakedAnd it’s certainly not a one size fits all scenario. But here’s a list of ways you can add minimalism traits to your daily life.

Define What Minimalism Means To You.

Like I said, minimalism isn’t a cookie cutter way of being. It’s different for each person. Some may just declutter a bit more regularly. Others may live out of a suitcase. However you want to see minimalism is up to you. Think about what habits you want to adopt that will improve your daily routine.

Let Go Of What No Longer Serves You. 

I touched on this topic in my 5 Reasons Letting Go Is So Damn Difficult post. But basically, these are the ways that are keeping you from living with less stuff. Whatever the reason may be, it is important to be able to let go of unwanted or unneeded aspects of your life. And I’m not just meaning objects either. This coincides with relationships, friends, any form of toxicity, beliefs, you name it. If you no longer want something in your life, let it go.

Make Your Routines Simple.

The less products or tools you use with your daily or weekly routines make you more efficient & simple. My skincare routine for example consists of 3 products, a cleanser, a makeup remover, & a moisturizer. My hair care routine doesn’t consist of tons of products either. Most night I just use shampoo & conditioner and sleep with it in a low bun. In the morning, I will touch up my hair with a curler. This also goes with my cleaning routine as well. I try and only use a small amount of products (2-3) & a vacuum. The less steps, the quicker you finish.

Embrace Empty Space.

Don’t feel like you need to fill a space to make it homey. Let your paint colors be your art work. Enjoy clutter free countertops & shelves. Display items that have a purpose or you truly love. But don’t be afraid of empty space. It’s quite peaceful & airy actually.

Make Mindful & Intentional Purchases.

Instead of impulse buying, take time to think about each purchase. Ask yourself a few questions. 

  • Do I need this item?
  • What will I do with this item?
  • How does this purchase benefit me?
  • Do I need this right now, or can I wait?

You need to start training your brain in delayed gratification. If you want something, put it on a wishlist. If a few weeks go by & you still want this item, then you may purchase it.

Create a Quality Closet

Start my decluttering what doesn’t work for you. Creating a capsule wardrobe can assist in narrowing down these items.

Quality over quantity! I’m still working on not purchasing cheaply made fast fashion items. But sometimes the deals still drag me in. If it was more real with myself, I would know $5 T-shirt’s barely last me a season. So why not invest in pieces that will last me years? 

Let your pieces have a sense of form & function. This entails a flattering color pallete & style. 

For more tips on starting a capsule wardrobe click here

Declutter 101: One Step At a Time

Don’t feel like you need to get rid of everything you own & change all in one night. This is a process & a lifelong journey. When decluttering, take it one area of your space at a time. Maybe start with your closet or a junk drawer in your kitchen. Each step will get you closer to a space of more clarity & less stuff. 

– B 🌿

If you have enjoyed today’s blog, please do be sure to check out Brittany’s other pieces of work, she’s amazing! Thank you all for reading and I hope you have an amazing weekend!

James Sweeney

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