Knowledge is Power

Wellbeing with Relaxing Lavender

How confident are you? Fairly? Eek…me confident…eh not at at all? Maybe you are confident in your personal life but at work you dread making any decision as you just don’t know if it the right thing to do.

Confidence is a tricky thing, It can take years to build or if you have it, you can lose it quickly if something goes wrong. Are you someone who sits and listens to conversations rather than join in as you lack the confidence? You never voice your opinion or what you know on the subject as you don’t want to be wrong and as you aren’t sure of the facts you don’t want to be laughed at or disregarded.

Perhaps in work, you trained hard to get where you are, but you haven’t brushed up on your knowledge or skills since. You keep doing what you do with the skills or…

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