The Law of Unintended Consequences

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In life, we make millions upon millions of decisions and actions every single day – some of which have consequences that are planned and intentional, others, not so much. In today’s blog, we are going to be delving into what is meant by “the law of unintended consequences”, let’s get cracking!

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The law of unintended consequences is that people’s actions always have unanticipated or unintended effects. It’s a concept that is heavily used in fields such as economics, philosophy, sociology and other social sciences, for its ability to factor in unknown variables to a decision, action or moral theory.

The premise behind the idea is simple really when you make a decision, you can never fully predict all of the possible outcomes. For the ones that you can forecast, you can factor them into your decision-making process, and for the ones that you can’t predict, it’s important that you don’t forget about them, as they can carry large ramifications as well.

The world is evolving at a truly astonishing rate, and we as both people and society are evolving rapidly in tandem. If we take a look at the progress that we have made in the last 20-30 years or even the last 5-10 years, the advancements that we have made are incredible. Whether it’s in the fields of business, technology, education, or agriculture, it’s all a part of this consistently developing ecosystem.

As the world is in this consistent state of change, it would be impossible for us to be able to predict every possible action or reaction that happens due to a decision that we make, which is where the law of unintended consequences really shines – it provides us with that margin for error, that allowance for the unknown to be given the respect that it deserves, which should hopefully limit the disruption of any unpredicted results occurring.

So there, we have it, that’s the law of unintended consequences for you all, I hope you all like it! I was going to go through how you apply the law to different circumstances, but as it’s a concept that works on a very case-by-case basis, I think that it’s best to leave it here for today’s blog 🙂

What do you think of the law of unintended circumstances? Can you think of cases when it should have been applied more? Would you like to see more blogs like this on the page?

Be sure to let me know your answers to the above questions, either in the comments below or through our Facebook page!

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