What do we mean by Success? – Blog 2: Your Job?

You often hear the word success being mentioned when a lot of people talk about their work life/job. You hear people say that a person was successful in getting a particular position/role or that they were not successful in a job that they went for. The question that I like to ask is what do you mean by success in this instance?

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Today’s blog is the second blog in the “What do we mean by Success?” series and is going to discuss if our job is what makes us successful, if it is only a small part of what we define as success or if it doesn’t matter at all when thinking of successful. Success is a term that has many different contributing factors in for many and these factors are valued differently from one person to the next. Whether or not our job role plays a part in whether we can say we are successful or not is the main objective of this blog.

Jobs come in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from being CEO of a multi-billion pound empire to working in a local corner shop. Of course these jobs all have differing salaries, workloads, responsibilities and entry qualifications. The question that I like to think of when thinking of this is, can you say that the CEO of this multi-billion pound company is more successful than lets say someone who is working in their local village shop?

The answer to the question will be very different based off of who you ask the question too. Some people, who value jobs as the breaking point in determining success or not, would say of course the CEO is more successful than the person working in the shop, whereas other people may see the question differently. The reason that I ask this question is because I personally love to see the range of answers that I get from it.

It is one of the questions that I like to use to see how a person thinks and how they interpret questions that are asked to them. For the question there is no right or wrong answer, it is down to how you see the question and, of course, what you see as successful or not.

In my opinion, our job roles are a part of what success means to me, but so are a lot of other things. There are tonnes of different factors which we can look at which define success for many such as, our home life, the goals we set, the good we do in the world and so many more. I personally always strive to do the best I can in life which in turn should hopefully result in me getting a good job down the line. While I will think that a good job is a good factor to have when determining success, it is worth saying that there are other factors that I value more and there are factors that I value less.

Again, similar to the CEO and shop worker question, this scenario/mindset has no right or wrong answer, it is down to your own interpretation. This blog is just meant to open your eyes to these questions and then leave you to think of how you would go about answering them. The same goes with the majority of posts on my page, I do not like to force a message to people, more suggest a new/alternative meaning to a statement and see what they think of it.

If you feel like you have a different view on this issue or would like to have a debate or something similar, get in touch and I will more than happily have one. As I say all of these views are simply my views, you may see something completely different to me and I always love broadening my horizons and learning new things.

Of course, setting a goal or an aim to get a job is something that I highly encourage in life. I will be covering goal setting in a future blog in this series but thought it would be nice to touch on it now. If we set reasonable goals that we can hit then it can be a great motivator for us in life and hitting it is something we can add to what we may see as success!

That is all I would like to talk about in today’s blog! What do you all think? Do you like this new series? What do you define as success? Does your job role play a part in your version of success? What other factor would you like to see covered in this series? Is there a particularly successful person that you want to see me talk about? Let me know your thoughts on these questions, either in the comments on this post or on our Facebook page and I will see what I can do!

Thank you all for reading, I hope everybody is doing alright in the crisis we are going through at the minute and I hope you have a great day!

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