What do we mean by Success – Blog 13: Balance?

Balance is something that so many people strive to meet in their life. To many, balance is like an ideal way of living, the balance between working and relaxing, the middle ground, so to speak. Can the balance that we maintain in our life be equated to our success? That’s what we’ll be looking at in today’s “What do we mean by Success?” blog!

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Today’s blog is the thirteenth blog in the “What do we mean by Success?” series, and is tailored around balance and if that can be used as a measure of whether we are successful in life, or not. Balance is a word that we use frequently in day-to-day life, be it when we are thinking of a ‘balanced diet’, the work-life balance and even the balance between right and wrong.

When people think of the word balance, the first thing that people think of is the idea of being even, being equal. A common belief for the work-life balance is finding a point in which you are spending equal measures of time doing work, as you are loving the rest of your life. So if this is the case, how can we compare balance to success? If it is just referring to the evenness of something?

My opinion is that it links to what people see balance as – an ideal point in life. People often try so hard to physically have balance, that they lose track of what it really is. If I equated a work-life balance to it’s core, then I would want to work for the same number of hours as I play/relax for, wouldn’t I?

If we decide to look at balance as a ‘one word fits all’ scenario, then eventually we are going to give up the search and strive for it, why? As balance means something different to each person. You will have your own concept of what balance means to you, yet I could have a completely different viewpoint, it varies from person to person.

An easy way to visualize it would be with your sleeping pattern. How much sleep do you need a day? Now some people would say I need 7-8 hours here, whereas others would say 3-4 and others may be more or less. Is that to say that they are incorrect or wrong even if they have a different idea of what a balanced/good night sleep is for them?

If you’re thinking “how does this relate to success in any way”, then let me bring that back in. Balance is something that people often try so hard to get, agreed? So, what is success? It’s the same thing if we break it down to it’s bare basics, wouldn’t you agree? The question here rises for me, can we equate balance to success? Do they go hand in hand together through life?

The answer to this question, as always with blogs in this series is up to you, do you think balance and success are the same thing? Do they interlink/intertwine? Or are they 2 completely different things,let’s take a look at it in a bit more depth…

So, a question, if you live a fairly balanced life, can we say that that directly makes you successful? What if our idea of balance is simply doing nothing? Then does that still make us successful? As we are technically doing what we want to do in our lives, which can count as personal success, in my eyes anyway.

But, looking at it a bit deeper, there’s lots of factors that come to play here. Say I balance three jobs, with a good social life and I still find time to relax and chill out when I need to, does this mean that I am more successful than someone who may be struggling to balance 2 jobs, let alone their social life and relaxing time?

Do the obs themselves play a role here? Maybe the hours worked? Or what we define as balance? At the end of the day, what some see as balance, others see as chaos, it is a very person by person style thing. If I am used to balancing lots of smaller projects constantly, then it wouldn’t phase me bringing maybe one smaller one on board, given that I had time to do so, it would be a part of my definition of balance.

What if I was use to working on really big projects, then got a smaller job thrown in the mix which I had to do too? That would more than likely cause me to panic a little bit and for me to be a little bit worried, disturbing my usual sense of ‘normality’, otherwise known as balance. Does that play a part in our response?

What if we looked at the jobs that we were doing next. Say I had two jobs, one working in a shop and one a cleaner in the local school and the hours were around 15 hours a week for each job. Now if we compare that to somebody who may be working 40-50 hour weeks constantly, then surely the definition of both success and balance would be different here?

Going a bit further again, would it be a fair thing to say that I am more or less successful, being the guy working 30 hour weeks in this example, as my life would surely be more balanced then the person working 40-50, wouldn’t you agree?

It all comes down to what you see balance as, as well as what success means to you. If you think balance and success are the same thing, or at least one brings the other, then that is okay, if you think differently, that is also completely okay. Success, similar to balance, means different things to different people.

If I were to break it down further, I could go into the different types of balance, such as balanced diet, work balance, so on and then compare that to personal success, diet success, social success and the list goes on, but I am not and have not done that, as it simply adds nothing to the discussion in my eyes.

We all have our own views and that is one of the reasons why I love to write blogs, as I get to take a look at those views and see how we can build a structured argument, taking in both the positives and negatives, for whatever it is being discussed. I know I say it a lot, but there is no right answer, I just give you the keys to the door that is your mind.

That’s all I want to talk about in today’s blog! Thank you all for reading! What do you think? Do you equate balance to success? What does balance mean to you? What is your definition of success? Are you still enjoying the “What do we mean by Success?” series, or would you like me to start a new series altogether?

Let me know your thoughts to the above questions, as well as any other thoughts and queries you may have, either in the comments below or through our Facebook page! All feedback is greatly appreciated for my page, be it positive or negative!

Thank you all for reading and I hope you have a great day!

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James Sweeney

2 thoughts on “What do we mean by Success – Blog 13: Balance?

  • I think when it comes to balance, you can’t have a black and white approach such as 40 hrs working week, 5 hrs socialising etc etc etc… I think you can achieve balance when you have sufficient free time and are still able to complete your obligations e.g. working, without feeling overly stressed.

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    • Completely agree, good point there! Balance means something different to each and every person, the same as success, I do not see the point of putting strict time restrictions on it!


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