The Science of Happiness

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Scientist today, teaches us that cells in your body have everything to do with happiness, and how to maintain that state of being. With every cell of your body, you have the inherent ability to manipulate and control the way you feel. However, not many people seem to know this, or even know how this works. Before we begin, you must understand what our bodies are made of. Our bodies are moulded out of 70 trillion cells that are found in the blood, the brain, skin, bone, eyes, hair, and in the reproductive system. Why is this important? Because every cell, no matter where they are located, are working together to make you feel a certain way.

Each cell reacts to electromagnetic waves (signals) and proteins (called neuropeptides) that come from your heart. The heart sends signals and shoots out these proteins in fractions of a second. Every cell is…

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