You Can Have it All!

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The #1 Itinerary

I recently read an article explaining how professionals in their 30’s and 40’s are choosing travel over marriage, children and owning a house. It was a very profound article that made me really think deeply. It stated that 70% of these professionals hold traveling the world as their top priority. While I didn’t see anything wrong with this, it made me wonder why can’t you travel the world, have a happy marriage, own a house and have children. What was being implied is that you can’t have it all and therefore you must choose one or the other. I beg to differ.

My entire life has always involved traveling. My father migrated to another country as well as my great-grandfather. Traveling is my family tradition. During my younger days as a teenager and college student, I loved traveling alone and having new experiences. However, the more I traveled and learned…

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The Ghosts of All Ourselves: A Poem

This is a poem from a fellow blogger. Very interesting piece, makes you contemplate what difference you make in life. Check out their other work!

Story Girl

Hi there! Please enjoy this evening’s poem, inspired by a conversation with my former Scout leader, and much embellished by myself. Apologies for the lack of blog posts recently, I was rather ill and didn’t get round to writing, but being better now, posts should be becoming more frequent again.agriculture-1845835_1280

Stand on familiar lawns that echo now

With the ghosts of running feet, children’s voices

Dispersing in the wind, come on and play…

The fields where once we stood lie barren now.

A thousand mysteries lie entangled in a clump of brambles;

What was once a hundred miles of possibility

Is just a field overgrown.

There may be treasures there;

An old tin, buried in the ground,

Contains three old and crusty Werther’s Originals,

And somewhere in the soil,

The dust of a long-abandoned map, discarded to the wind

And unexpected rains.

One toy soldier, missing its left foot


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Perpetual madness of the mind …

Interesting and an insightful read! Well worth a read!

Important: the blog is not mine, it is a reblog of someone else’s. Some very good points made in it. A nice read for someone who has and even has not experienced problems with their mental health.

RAW thoughts from cheLLe 💙 unsensored 💛

I feel lost …

Alone…terribly alone,

Fighting back is getting old.

I’m ready for someone to take my hand, telling me I’m not alone. Tears drop silently down onto the chilly, dark night ground.

I’m so cold inside my soul, shivering through to my bones. I try to concentrate in hopes this apprehension calms down inside. It’s not a physical cold, it’s from the inside out.

Shaky inside from my head to the tips of my toes, my feet, sludging along, as if in quicksand, my brain hurts, throbbing into the secret parts of my very soul.

Heinous taunts come from the thoughts that aren’t mine, making this world seem unfeeling, not giving me any consolation. Making me stay in this miserable place. No matter how I fight, I cannot leave.

I’m not depressed, that’s the whole thing. This crazy disorder I’ve dealt with forever is the culprit and stress…

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Alzheimer’s Acceptance: Blog 5 – Final Conclusion

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Alzheimer’s Acceptance: Blog 3 – Alzheimer’s Story

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Alzheimer’s Acceptance: Blog 2 – The Term Accept/Acceptance

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