Who Am I? – Isha Patel

“Who Am I?”

It’s a question that I often find my inner voice asking, but I never really know what the right answer to it should be. This is something that I have been thinking over quite a bit recently, so I thought I jot down my thoughts in a blog & share them with everyone!

So, let’s get into it!

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“Who am I?” It’s a question we often ask ourselves, and frequently get asked by other people, but can sometimes struggle to answer. The answer to this question isn’t necessarily straightforward nor is it static, in the sense that the answer to this changes as we go through life. In today’s blog, we are going to be taking a look at our identity, and how the environment around us can shape how we feel about ourselves & who we are as people.

To try & put it simply, an identity crisis is where you question who you are and your place in society, which often raises the question of “Who Am I?” Sometimes this sense of uncertainty, surrounding who you are, is elevated when you experience a big change in your life, like starting a new school, university, job, or changes in your personal circumstances. I’ve felt like this several times in my life, especially when I had first started at university.

For me, the questioning of my identity was fed into by the change of environment from school to university. When I first started university, the environment and pressures within it were not something I had ever experienced before. Specifically, I felt the pressure of having to know what I wanted to pursue in the future. It felt like the second I walked into university, there was this constant pressure to apply for internships, insight weeks and attend career events. This hadn’t been something I ever really thought about and made me question what it was I wanted to do in the future.

Alongside that also came panic as I felt as if I was behind all of those people who knew the direction that they wanted their life to go in, and the steps they needed to take to get there. I felt at this time that the people around me had built their identity focused on their career, which was something that I was yet to fully discover.

This really made me ponder on my life goals but when I really thought about it, I realised that it was fine for me to not know the answer to this and take things at my own pace. Therefore, instead of panicking that I wasn’t able to identify myself with a set career, I owned the fact that I was still finding my way.

Of course, an identity crisis can take many forms, for instance, you can be worried about your relationships with people, your job, religion, life-changing events & so much more. While it may seem a little silly to panic about who you are, having an identity crisis is totally normal and we all experience change in our lives from time to time, which bring with them a whole new host of emotions that takes time for us to process.

Always remember that it is okay not to be okay, if you feel like you need some help with something, please do ask for it, you won’t regret it!! Change can be a very daunting prospect at first, but you can get through it, I believe in you!

Who am I? – I’m Isha Patel, and I’m proud of that!

Thank you all for reading today’s blog! What are your thoughts on this topic? Have you ever experienced anything like this? What’s your advice for getting past this?

Be sure to let us know your thoughts & answers to the above questions, either in the comments below or through our Facebook page!

Thank you all for reading & I hope you have a lovely day!

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Isha Patel

5 thoughts on “Who Am I? – Isha Patel

  • When I was younger, I used to be very focused on this topic. Who am I right now and who do I really want to be. (Writing this reminded me of the song “Who do you want to be? by Oingo Boingo haha) Weirdly enough I feel like I’ve grown out of it or maybe become more “bored of it”?

    I have a friend going through a form of identity crisis and when we were talking about it the other day, I told her, “identity is overrated”. When I sit to think about it these days, I don’t think it matters who I am. Right now or tomorrow or at all.

    Identity, to me, is one of those things that are just so fluid, and it feels a bit pointless to try to label it, tame it, *trap* it… The crisis comes from the definition we write of ourselves: I am not myself right now because I am feeling and acting differently. The only constant is change, even in something as deeply rooted as identity. You will never be the same person, but that doesn’t mean you are not yourself.

    To be human, to exist as a soul in this Universe, feels too complex and too precious. Identity isn’t a fixed thing, you are not a one dimensional being. You are not in a crisis. You are complex, you are alive; you are shifting with every breath you take. Maybe identity is a journey more than a destination or a goal. That’s what got me “past” this type of crisis ♥

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    • Hey Chloë,

      Thanks for the comment! Really sorry for the slow reply, the last few weeks have been a bit chaotic 😂😂

      Yeah I can definitely relate there, I think it’s something we all contemplate at one point in our lives or another 🤔

      Love your other points too, there’s so much value there!! I tend to see having those questions almost as a sign that you are the type of person who is continually looking to improve themselves & develop their skills, but I suppose it does really depend on the situation 😁🙌🙌

      Completely with you there, identity is very fluid, as we go through life our opinions & perspectives on things develop, they grow in much the same way that we grow physically as people 😎

      I love comments like this, they always remind me why I do what I do!

      I passed your comment onto Isha too & she loved it!

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  • Hi James, no worries for the reply, I know how it is haha Definitely, questioning who you are as a person, your choices, your patterns, etc, is a great tool for personal growth. Just like most things though, it should be thought of in moderation and only used as a tool rather than such a defining pillar of our existence, in my opinion. In situations like these, I do love to turn to quantum physics to put things back in perspective. Or even just look to space as a reminder of how small I truly am and find comfort in the deeply rooted terror it triggers. I think it’s extremely important to stay out of boxes and embrace this fluidity because in that aspect we are, much like the Universe appears, infinite. To me, that feels more empowering than figuring out the rules and bones of my own self, which are always bound to change; it feels natural. Anyway. I will stop rambling! I love how a lot of posts on here do get me thinking, and it’s always nice to share my thoughts. Thank you for sharing this again!! ♥

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