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When it comes to wellness concepts from around the world, Sweden has so many fantastic ones to choose from, one of which is a term called “Lagom”. We’re going to be exploring the term “lagom” and its role in your life in today’s blog!

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“Lagom” is a term which roughly translates to “not too much, not too little”, which is something that can be applied to all parts of our life. It’s an ideology that is formed around the concept of balance, of helping you to regain control over your routine and the time that you have each day.

I know that I say it a lot on this page, but time feels like it is flying by so quickly these days, it can be oh so easy to get swept up in the flow of it all. We are still recovering from the large-scale disruption and devastation caused by the pandemic, the cost of living crisis is hitting a lot of families very harshly and the world is currently in a very turbulent time. With all of this in mind, ensuring that you achieve some form of balance is more important than perhaps ever before.

So, how does one begin on the journey to reaching lagom? Well this can be a very tricky question, I suppose it ultimately comes down to what balance means in your life, and the steps that you can take to help realise and begin working towards that goal

In my opinion, one of the biggest cornerstones on the pathway to lagom is understanding and appreciating the time that we all have in a day, and the importance of taking some time out where we can for self-care. Now how you choose to spend that time is completely up to you, you could start doing some meditation (which I very aptly spoke about in our last blog), you could go for a nice little walk, you could go for a coffee with a friend or family member, the list is honestly neverending

Achieving the Swedish concept of lagom is a very subjective thing, but it’s a wellness concept that can have an enormous impact on your life. In a world where life is whizzing past us at a million miles per hour, finding balance amidst all of this is imperative. Even if it is only a case of sparing a couple of extra minutes a day to do the things that genuinely matter to you, they all make a difference in the grand scheme of things.

That’s all for today’s blog, what do you think? Had you heard of the word lagom before? Do you think that this is something that you will be trying to embrace more in your life? Would you like to see me cover more wellness concepts on the page going forward?

Be sure to let me know your thoughts and answers to the above questions 🙂

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!

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