The Benefits of Personal Development – Eve Becker

Personal Development – the art of identifying ourselves. Personal Development refers to the process in which we, as people, grow, where our character, abilities and knowledge develop. Personal Development revolves around the process of learning and developing and for a topic that is so vital to our lives, do we really know what Personal Development is & why it is important?

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We have all heard the term ‘Personal Development’ before, right? It is a term that gets mentioned a lot in day to day conversations, but have we ever taken a second to look a what exactly we mean by Personal Development? Today’s blog is a guest blog, by Eve Becker, which takes that deeper dive into the subject and focuses on what is Personal Development & why it is so important to us in life!

So without further ado, here is Eve Becker with “Leading Guides to the Benefits of Personal Development”:

What is Personal Development?

The dynamics of life means that circumstances, environments, and the roles we play are constantly changing. This means that we have to be ready to deal with these changes as they happen, and also come out successful. One of the proven ways to be successful is through personal development. This entails coming up with a plan that helps you face the continuous challenges of daily life and ensure you are able to excel in all areas of your life. 

Personal development is a lifelong endeavour, be it in your life, education, professional career or other areas. It basically entails setting goals and putting plans in place to achieve them.

Why is it important?

a) Self-Awareness

The process of developing yourself gives you the opportunity to take an honest and critical look at areas of life where you need to improve. By going through this process of self-assessment, you get to really know who you are, what areas in your life you value most, and the path you want your life to take.

b) Build a skill set

By taking a closer look at your weaknesses, you can establish areas where you need to improve and develop. When you establish areas you need to improve and nurture, you go from being good at it, to a path of mastery. This process of building on a skillset means you are able to reach your potential and be successful at it. Personal development also means you will be forcing yourself out of your comfort zone. By establishing your weaknesses, you are better prepared to tackle areas that allow you to improve your skillset and experience growth.

c) Self-Esteem

When you engage in the path of boosting your skills, you feel more confident about performing the task. In addition, when you have set a goal for yourself and managed to get through it, and developed certain areas of your life, you will naturally improve your self-esteem.

d) Feeling of Fulfilment

Self-improvement means you gain clarity on the things that are important in your life. As you grow, you also learn what to prioritise. This means you are clear on your objectives, and you can easily identify tasks that will yield the best results according to the situation where you are.

This improved focus and effectiveness mean you are able to play to your strengths. This helps you achieve more and be able to handle pressure and deadlines with ease. This means you can tackle tasks that come at you with confidence that you will be able to complete, resulting in a feeling of fulfilment.

e) Motivation

By knowing what you want to accomplish, it will be easier to be motivated to take action towards accomplishing that goal. Even when the task ahead is tough, knowing the benefits and its intended outcome will motivate you to see to its completion.

Having a goal and working towards it will also help you realize that things will become clearer every day, and you will be getting closer to accomplishing your goal. As you move towards your goal, you will also realize that what you really need every day is to motivate yourself to take that next step as you march towards your big goal.

When you decide it is time to embark on the rewarding journey of self-development, you should first establish what you want to accomplish in life. This involves identifying weaknesses that are hindering you from achieving your goals. The next step should be to come up with a plan of action to tackle your weaknesses, and also find time to nurture your strengths. As you go through your journey, you will want to record your outcomes, and evaluate them against your goals to see how you are progressing. 

If you are having problems, there are numerous books you can read about the topic, or you may even want to seek the services of a professional coach to walk you through this journey. It is important to keep in mind that this is a life-long process of constant learning. It will help you in all areas of your life, work, confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness among other numerous benefits.

Author: Eves Becker

Eve is a professional copywriter for Technical Writers. She has a first class degree in Business Management and enjoys researching related subjects in her own time. She originally captured her passion for all things business related when she gained her work experience at an estate agency.

Thank you all for reading today’s blog! What do you think? What does Personal Development mean to you? Do you like learning how to find new ways to learn more about yourself? What motivates you to learn about Personal Development? I would just like to take a minute before ending the blog to say a massive thank you to Eve for writing such an amazing guest post for me!

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