The True Meaning of Karma, How It Works and How It Helps You Improving Your Life — Wise & Shine

Karma is one of the most known concepts of Buddhism and Hinduism. At the same time, it is also one of the least understood. You may hear people speaking about having a good or a bad Karma without really knowing what it is about. Those two main Eastern religions define Karma in the same way…

The True Meaning of Karma, How It Works and How It Helps You Improving Your Life — Wise & Shine

Indigenous Knowledge: A Roadmap to Belonging Again — Wise & Shine

What can we learn from Indigenous cultures about being better stewards to the natural world? After all, Indigenous Peoples were the original caretakers of the land thriving in complex societies long before the arrival of European settlers. 870 more words

Indigenous Knowledge: A Roadmap to Belonging Again — Wise & Shine

15 Ways to Simplify Your Life for 2023

Mind Beauty Simplicity

It’s the start of a new year, which commonly stands for a fresh start. And one of the best & sure fire ways to see change is to simplify life. And from personal experience, I’ve discovered simplifying can be done in a multitude of categories. Last year, I shared 15 Ways to Simplify Your Life & it received so much praisethat I wanted to share 15 more ways for this new year.

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Here are 15 More Ways to Simplify Your Life in 2023

1. Create a Vision Board

I find vision boards & collages to be a creative & visual representation of my goals & aspirations. It takes me back to the days where I would spend hours cutting out magazines & making collages that I would hang on my bedroom door or closet. Back then, it was usually photos of the Jonas Brothers or…

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Choosing Happiness — Olivia Lucie Blake

Something I have begun to learn as I’ve gotten older is that happiness comes and goes. It’s not achievable for us to be in a state of happy all the time. Nor would I want to be. Happiness can come and go, it’s more of a fleeting emotion than one that remains. Once I learnt […]

Choosing Happiness — Olivia Lucie Blake

Feel Your Feelings

Be Inspired..!!

We, as humans, seek safety. We yearn for security. Our same-old, same-old routine frequently becomes our safety and comfort. It may appear easier at times to operate on autopilot, with no awareness of our internal experience. It’s natural and adaptive to want to avoid things that make us uncomfortable. After all, who wants to work harder just to experience unpleasant feelings?

But you should. We are not robots, people (as much as during the painful times, it might seem appealing to be one). The price of not feeling is too high to ignore. It’s never too late to decide you’re ready to listen in! If emotional avoidance resonates with you, see if you can approach it with curiosity and non-judgment. This newfound awareness gives you an excellent opportunity to create something new and to transition into a more fulfilling way of being!

Here’s are few ways that can help you…

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Wu Wei, the Art of Non-acting — Wise & Shine

Wu Wei is a key concept of Taoism that can be translated as “do not act” or “do not intervene”. However, it is not a passive attitude. It’s letting go to allow the action to flow effortlessly and in harmony with the “original cosmic order”, without attempting to modify it. The result will be merging…

Wu Wei, the Art of Non-acting — Wise & Shine

East Versus West: A Look at Two Minds   — Wise & Shine

The paradigms, world views and ideas which we inhabit shape how we perceive and interact with the world. They impact our ideals, relationships, and values. That is, who we are and who we aspire to be. 783 more words

East Versus West: A Look at Two Minds   — Wise & Shine

The Power of Habits — Wise & Shine

Habits give you great power, perhaps the greatest in absolute. Sometimes we think that habits are good for ordinary people, and maybe we don’t consider ourselves ordinary people (at least I don’t consider myself like that, I have always tried to be a bit out of the status quo). We would like to get rid…

The Power of Habits — Wise & Shine

Tips to Find a Great Career in Business – Amy Collett

Are you looking to start a career in Business? Would you like to hear some advice for finding a job while living with a disability? Are you looking to find out some extra career progression tips? Well then, this is the guest blog for you 🙂

Today’s blog is a guest blog called “Use These Tips to Find a Great Career in Business While Living With a Disability”, written by the fantastic Amy Collett!! So, without further ado, I’ll leave you to Amy’s awesome blog, be sure to let us know what you think!

Hello & Welcome to Sweeney’s Blogs!

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The Science of Mindfulness — Wise & Shine

The practice of meditation may at first seem counterintuitive or foreign to the Western mind. With the abundance of digital technologies and entertainment options available to us, why would anyone abandon these luxuries to sit alone in silence. Surely there are more productive ways one ought to spend their limited time here on earth. Yet…

The Science of Mindfulness — Wise & Shine

Amor Fati and The Acceptance of What is Necessary — Pointless Overthinking

This idea of surrendering ourselves to something beyond our control is foreign to our natural inclinations as human beings. At our core we are meaning making creatures who tirelessly seek to rid the world of uncertainty, and have power over our natural environment. We develop myths, rituals, belief systems, and socio-political institutions all in an attempt to […]

Amor Fati and The Acceptance of What is Necessary — Pointless Overthinking